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Handgun Self-Defense

Congratulations, you have acquired your concealed carry permit or purchased a handgun and joined the ranks of thousands of other good citizens who take personal defense seriously!  However, obtaining your concealed carry permit or buying a gun is not the the end of your training, it's just the beginning.  This class is designed for the shooter who is looking for the next step in their own training.  When a student completes this course they will have the knowledge, skill set and confidence to practice self-defense drills with a handgun on their own.  Our Instructors will leave every student with drills to practice at the range and at home along with good habits.  We strive to give every student the most up to date training and information because we understand that one day they might need the skills learned in this class to defend their lives.   

Don't let your gun give you a false sense of security.  Having a firearm at hand may not be enough to save you in your most desperate hour without the training needed to use it in the most effective and efficient manner.  We will spend classroom and significant range time to give you the real world skills you need to be able to defend your life or that of your loved ones.

Things we will cover in class:

                   Cover vs. concealment

                   Sight acquisition

                   Drawing from a holster

                   Magazine changes

                   Malfunction drills

                   Multiple target engagement

                   Practical application of skills

Things you will need:


                   300-500 rounds of ammunition

                   Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Baseball style cap

                   Holster Outside the Waistband

                   Extra magazine holster

                   3 Magazines

                   Sturdy belt

This is a 5 hour class and cost is $80.  Enrollment is required.  Spots are limited to the first 20 students. Must be 18 or older to take this class. 

You will receive an information pack for this class via e-mail after submitting your application.

Gun Transfers

If you wish to buy/order a gun from another state/supplier there will be a $30 FFL Firearms transfer fee for each firearm we receive. A background check must be done here at the time of pick up.

Scott Shipman- Manager

Born and raised in Stillwater, Scott has been around guns and hunting the majority of his life. Scott is an Eagle Scout and attributes a lot of experience and knowledge to his time spent in Boy Scouts. While Scott loves just about any and all guns, his pride and joy would be his shotgun. Scott is an avid duck and goose hunter and his skill is top notch!

Scott spends most of his free time with his wife Nicki and their two young sons and the family is very active in Sunnybrook Christian Church.  Scott is a member of Livin' Loud Outdoors. As a team, they work with several outdoor ministries in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas who provide hunting and other outdoor activities for wounded warriors and the disabled.

Scott's passion for guns, incredible customer service, and crazy sense of humor could not be a better fit here at Stillwater Armory. All kidding aside though, customers and coworkers alike will all agree that if you are looking for a great gun and a great deal, Scott's your man!

hunting with any of his four sons.  He continues to serve the community as a reserve deputy sheriff with Payne County Sheriff’s Department.

Billy could be involved in any of our training classes and adds a lot of real world stories and experience from his law-enforcement career to any class he instructs.  In addition to ongoing firearms training, he is involved in the martial arts and knife fighting techniques.  Billy is a super nice guy and someone you can count on, no matter the situation.

Billy Treadwell - Instructor

Billy began his law enforcement career in ’84 with the Stillwater Police Dept.  There he served as a Field Training Officer (FTO) and Investigator.  He received advanced training while operating as part of the Special Project Investigative Team (SPIT) and Special Operations Team (SOT).  As an instructor Billy’s primary focus was Firearms and Law Enforcement Driver Training (LEDT).

Upon leaving SPD Billy furthered his career as an investigator for the Payne County District Attorney’s Office. During the ‘90s he continued to instruct for Meridian TechLaw Enforcement Training Center.  There he instructed the Basic Police Academy for the Department of Correction as well as advanced handgun, shotgun courses and all phases of Oklahoma Security and Private Investigator training.

Today, Billy enjoys spending time passing on his passion for firearms as he spends time at the firing range or 

a law enforcement certified armorer for Glock, SigSauer, Remington and the Colt AR-15 platform.

Outside of his firearm experience, David remains active in the Stillwater community through his involvement with various organizations including Boy Scouts of America. David's background and knowledge make him an excellent asset to the Stillwater Armory team. His kind demeanor and approachable nature make him an instructor whom students feel comfortable asking a variety of questions; both big and small.

David Duncan- Instructor

David has been around firearms for almost 20 years. Currently, he is a State Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor in the disciplines of revolver, pistol, rifle, long range rifle, shotgun, sub-machine gun and tactical handgun. 

Prior to his time at Stillwater Armory, David served as a member of the Stillwater SWAT team, as well as 

Many people credit Sabra with launching their interest in firearms due to her skill as an instructor and her involvement is a primary reason many of our classes have such a high percentage of referred female students.  She is also the friendliest person you could ever hope to meet and will go out of her way to make you feel right at home during your training.

Sabra Smith - Manager / Instructor / Sales

Sabra has been around firearms for over 25 years.  She original took up shooting as a way to spend time with her family and found that she not only really enjoyed the shooting sports, but was a very talented shooter.  Sabra is a graduate of many firearms self-defense classes and has been instructing full time for over 6 years.  She has also studied unarmed self-defense using Chinese Kempo and Akido techniques.

Sabra focuses on assisting newer shooters during the range portion of the class.  Her patience and amazing teaching skills have helped an untold number of novices go from a lack of confidence or even scared to really enjoying their shooting experience and hitting their target with amazing regularity.

Tom is a certified instructor with the National Rifle Association, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training and Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.  He is also a Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.  Tom has a Red Belt with black stripe (one level removed from Black Belt) in Taekwondo and has trained in Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Tom is involved in every aspect of the training and will lead most classes.  His easy-going style allows him to be very approachable during classes.  While very knowledgeable, Tom will never come off as smug and goes to great lengths to provide information in an easy to understand manner.  He considers it a privilege to be involved in each and every class and quickly makes friends with every student.  Training students and preparing them to defend themselves as well as introducing people to the sport of shooting is his passion and it shows in every class he teaches.

Tom Smith - President / Lead Instructor

Tom has been a firearms enthusiast for more than 35 years.  He first learned his skills at the hands of his father, a veteran whom served as a company commander in the Army during the 60's.  Tom followed his footsteps and served in the Army as an infantryman in the late 80's.  Tom's enthusiasm has led him to be a lifelong hunter who has hunted game in several countries as well as being a competition shooter in both handgun and long-range rifle.  He is also active in the firearms industry and consults with several firearms industry manufacturers on products and designs.  He served with the Payne County Sheriff's Office where he was awarded Top Honors.

Meet Our Instructors

Private Instruction

Private Handgun Instruction Skill Builder 1 on 1 instruction 
​Is there one particular skill set you are wanting to improve upon?  Many times a group class might spend a block of time on that skill set but then move on to another subject.  We want to help you in your shooting/self-defense skills no matter where you're at in your abilities. 

Here are some examples of subject material YOU might choose to cover: Perhaps you are a newer shooter and just need some time at the range with an instructor going over stance, grip, sight alignment and trigger control. Maybe you've been shooting for a while and want to work on your draw techniques from a concealed holster or moving while shooting. Perhaps you're comfortable with your shooting skills but want a critical evaluation of what you're doing to take your skills to the next level. You might be an advanced shooter and just want to improve your accuracy and speed. You may need some guidance in the proper use of and shooting from behind cover. Maybe you don't know what you need to work on but you know you want to get better. 

We can evaluate your current skill set and make quick decisions about what to focus on during your training session. Use your imagination and we will tailor the training to fit your needs. That's right, its your choice as to what you want to work and improve upon.  Nothing is too basic or too advanced. During that time, you will receive 1 on 1 instruction.  By focusing exclusively on a single shooter and only on specific skill sets, you can advance further in 30 minutes than you might be able to in an entire afternoon.  This is your chance to take a big step forward with private, student focused instruction. (Minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian).

Introductory lessons are $50/hour, $75 for more advanced instruction.

03/03/2018 - Class is FULL

$60.00 Fee - 9AM - 6PM

03/17/2018 - Class is FULL

$60.00 Fee - 9AM - 6PM

03/31/2018 - Class is FULL

$60.00 Fee - 9AM - 6PM

Future classes will be scheduled soon.  

Class Dates

Please note:  Passport photos will be available for purchase the day of class for $10 plus tax.  Photos are only taken the day of class.

Oklahoma Handgun License  – 8 Hours

“Training Requirement for OK Concealed Carry Weapon Permit"

This course meets all training requirements in accordance with Title 21 Section 1290.1 et seg known as the "Oklahoma Self Defense Act".  This course will be held in Stillwater OK.  Why choose us for your training?  Because of that word - training.  You see, all instructors are required to use the state of Oklahoma approved curriculum and we are certainly no different. 

However, we take the required information and put it into instruction and language you can understand.  We utilize experiences, scenarios, and "what-if" building exercises to allow our students to not just hear the law read from an instructor's book but to actually experience what the rules and regulations are all about. We go beyond the required material and give our students a head start in defensive carry by going over additional subjects such as how to carry your concealed weapon effectively, the multitude of options available in holsters and other carry gear; handgun, caliber, ammunition selection and more.  You will have the opportunity for hands on knowledge that require most people years of trial and error to receive. 

Our instructors truly care about the students and want you to leave the class with confidence, knowledge, and new abilities.  Upon completion, there's a good chance you will know more than many people who have been carrying for years.  In short, you will receive training. 

This is an 8 hour class and cost is $60. If you do not have a pistol and are in need of one for the class, we rent .22LR semiautomatic pistols for $20, including ammunition. Enrollment and advanced payment is required.

Classes Offered

​​​No classes scheduled at this time.  Please call 405-533-3930 to schedule a private instruction to advance your skills.


Practical Scoped Rifle Application

This class is designed to provide the knowledge needed to be accurate with a scoped rifle.  We will combine classroom teaching with range experience.  Bring your scoped rifle and approximately 60-100 rounds of ammunition for the shooting portion.

Topics covered include:

·         How a scope works

·         Ballistics and rifle mechanics

·         Shooting measurements (Minutes of Angle vs. Mils)

·         Range estimation with a reticle

·         Dialing "come-ups" or "DOPE"

On the range, you will practice range estimations using your scope, confirm zero of your rifles, and practical shooting exercises.


 After completion of this course, students will have a strong understanding of how a scope operates and the knowledge needed to determine unknown distances and adjust for long range shooting.


$120 per student.

Class will begin promptly at 9:00AM at Stillwater Armory.  We will break for lunch about Noon.  After lunch, we will meet on Stillwater Armory's range from approximately 1:00PM - 4:00PM.  Total class time will be about 6 hours.

What to bring:

Pen and Paper


Scoped rifle (any centerfire caliber)

60-100 Rounds of ammunition

Shooting glasses, Hearing Protection, Weather appropriate clothing

Future Dates will be scheduled soon.