As many of you know, Sabra and I are from Beaver in the Panhandle of Oklahoma.  We still have many friends and family living in the area, including fire fighters, and have heard 1st hand accounts of the devastation the wildfires have caused.  In visiting with those affected, they have plenty of food, water, etc but are very much in need of monetary donations to replace fencing, repair and replace fire equipment and pay for specifically needed items.  Our hearts are hurting for those that have lost family, homes and livelihoods.  Stillwater Armory will be collecting donations to help relieve at least some of the financial burden.

Please pray about this and if feel led, submit a monetary donation using the secure link above or drop by Stillwater Armory to drop cash in our donation bucket.  100% of the donated funds will be going to those directly affected and in need.  Even if you cannot donate at this time, please keep those affected, including the firefighters, in your prayers.  Thank you.