Practical Advice

Below is a variety of articles written by myself and others concerning the most often asked questions and misunderstood facts concerning concealed carry.

Training & Tactics

Firearm Feminism - Janine Peterson(Preview)

  In the several years I lived alone in DC, I watched the police chase down and arrest people outside my apartment window. I nervously walked by the muggers, trying to be casual. Luckily for me, I lived near several gay bars, and the muggers set their sights on the drunken gay men, not on a young female. I lived fifty yards from the park where intern Chandra Levy was found dead. My neighbors were robbed. I embraced luck as my tool to keep myself safe and alive. What else could I do? I despaired over how I could defend myself, even in my apartment.Article Courtesy of United States Concealed Carry Association*

Low & Reduced Light Training - Tom Perroni(Preview)

 When people hear the term "Low Light shooting" What they most often think of is shooting in the dark. And most people don't have the ability to train in low light or reduced light or dark conditions. So this is a skill that is not practiced in my opinion as much as it should be. However this is a skill that can be practiced along with your daily "Dry Fire Training" or with a "Blue Gun" and a Flashlight you can practice clearing your own home.Courtesy of United States Concealed Carry Association*

 Training for under 21 Feet - byGabrielSuarez  In the early eighties, a young police officer named Dennis Teuller wrote an article for Chuck Taylor's Magazine titled "How Close is Too Close?". In the ground breaking article, Officer Teuller compared the time frames in which an adequately trained officer could draw and fire an accurate shot, and the time frame in which an able-bodied man armed with a contact weapon could cross a seven yard distance. The time was remarkably similar - 1.5 seconds for each.*

The “Truck” Gun - Tom Smith(Preview) 

 Some people may question the need for a truck gun or not even know the term.  I consider a truck gun any firearm that is kept in your vehicle for use during an emergency situation.  Since this is a pretty broad description, lets first look at the reasons one should have a firearm stored in their vehicle before considering what kind of gun to keep stashed away.

Why Should YOU Get a Handgun License Permit?